Malawi: Dancehall Artist Binge Envisions Malawi Okoma in New Song


Lilongwe β€” “A brighter Malawi, a Malawi where everyone is there for each other and where there are no ‘six inches’ around”; these are the dreams of dancehall artist Binge in his new song Malawi Okoma.

After a 2008 debut album, Binge returns in 2020 with a new album project, a project which starts with the release of a new song Malawi okoma.

The song, according to the artist, is a one that encourages and visualises a Malawi where everyone is there for his or her neighbour despite their class, political, religious or tribal backgrounds.

“I had to sit back and reflect the kind of life which we Malawians live, the kinds of problems both politically and financially we are facing and the never ending confusions and uncertainties around.

“Just look at how we behave, it seems like everyone is there for himself and there seems to be so much selfishness around, where no one is thinking about the welfare of the person next to him,” said Binge.

This, he said, was the motivation behind the song which tackles the need for people to think of others as they think of themselves and avoid suppressing each other.

“I want to preach and teach Malawians to change their mindsets. We must love one another; extend a hand of support to our friends wherever possible so that we should have a better Malawi, hence the song Malawi Okoma.

The artist said people should expect fireworks from him in this New Year. Having in the recent past been concentrating on releasing singles, this time around he says his efforts are concentrated on releasing an album which the new song will be part of.