Namibia: Nam Comedy Circle’s ‘The Elections After-Party’ This Wednesday


Unapologetic, unrestricted and unlike anything else witnessed so far this year, Nam Comedy Circle is back with a bang at the Hilton Kalabar this Wednesday.

The show is appropriately titled ‘The Elections After-party’ and takes a look at the current times when ‘fishiness’ of economical scale, political indecisiveness and uncertainty make the rounds.

Once again, the event is hosted and curated by award winning stand-up comedian Mark Kariahuua who has, undeniably, proven to be the rising star of the decade. Opening the show will be Cassie Jessica, who only recently made a name for herself on the live circuit. Jessica describes herself as a go-getter who does not shy away from adding vibrancy to an already fun-filled evening. Energetic, talented and a definitive example of all the complexities of the millennial woman of today, Jessica is definitely one to look out for.

Next on the bill is Lifa. That is not the latest Namibian transport app, but rather a young man with a distinctly intellectual performance style. Lifa graduated in psychology recently, and has since begun refering to himself as “philosophically inclined” – to the extent that he actually converted to studying philosophy. Not bad for a gentleman who considered himself an introvert just a few years ago.

Enter Courage, Namibia´s favourite resident Zimbabwean, or rather ‘Nambabwean’ as he likes to call himself, who adds an African perspective to and insight into what it is like to come from a country with decades of dramatic elections to its name.

The evening closes with the popular OC Ebs, a relatively new comic sensation, who catapulted from new media fame into the live performance landscape. OC Ebs brings an authentic “kasie” vibe to the prestigious Hilton Kalabar. Loud, opinionated and oh-so scathing, OC Ebs shares her perspective on the educational merits of this year’s elections and the way forward.

In the spirit of the coming festive season, the Kalabar gives away numerous prizes over the course of the evening, inviting the winners to test its Hilton Breeze Spa, the D’Vine Wine and Sushi Bar and the Ekipa restaurant.

The show starts at 20h00. Entrance is free. For more information contact Ernst Herma at 081 122 3709. – Ondjila Y’Ondjaba Concert Agency

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