Beauticurve – How to Look Expensive Without Spending a Fortune


One of the compliments that I commonly receive is that I always look polished  or expensive. I always snicker to myself because most of my wardrobe is not very expensive. To be honest, I’ve been a little more cautious with my spending lately as we have some major financial goals this year.  This is why I love store like Walmart and you literally particapate in current trends, look like million bucks and only spend like 2!

I loved this leopard set from Walmart because it checked off all the boxes to create a polished look for a less expensive price. Less than 100 bucks!  Read on to find out how to create a polished look for a great price.

Tuck in your Shirt

Tucking in your shirt is so easy to do and adds polish to your overall look. You’re giving off the impression that you’re thoughtful and that you’re an expert dresser. I tucked this cami into my skirt to create the illusion of a dress and It’s one of my go to tricks to instantly upgrade my look.

Longer Hemlines

There’s nothing wrong with a showing a little leg but longer hemlines look more elevated. This leopard midi skirt is the perfect length and can be dressed up or down.

Add a Jacket

Layering is key! Adding a jacket adds some dimension to your look  This little red moto is perfectly cropped and makes a statement. 

Wearing Satin

Wearing satin or a satin looking fabric always looks elevated. Thank goodness the cute slip skirts are in style. Walmart has a good variety of these slip skirts in different patterns and colors at an affordable price. My favorites are the leopard print and the 

Monochromatic Dressing 

One of my favorite ways to dress is monochromatic. When in doubt, pick out pieces of clothing that are in the same color family. Easy, chic, and always in fashion. 

Proper Undergarment 

Proper undergarments includes the right shapewear. The purpose is not too appear smaller but to smooth you out and avoid awkward lines, in particular VPL (visible panty lines). This is one of my favorite shapewear for a great price.

Thank you to my friends at Walmart for sponsoring this content.

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