Macbook Air, Eufy RoboVac 30, Pandemic, 55″ TCL TVs, and More

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An Apple MacBook Air (2018) 128GB, an Eufy RoboVac 30, and a $25 copy of Pandemic lead off Monday’s best deals from around the web.

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Today’s Best Tech Deals

Apple’s new MacBook Air may be boring, but it’s a thin little workhorse with a bigger, better screen and a faster processor than the 12″ MacBook, which might just hit your laptop Goldilocks zone. And unlike the MacBook Pro, it comes with TouchID (yay!) without the obnoxious Touch Bar (yay!).

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The New MacBook Air Is Boring and Too Expensive

The MacBook Air is an icon: A wedge-shaped computer fashioned from a block of aluminum into a…

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If the price was scaring you away, Amazon is taking $250 off the 128GB and $300 off the 256GB models, in all three available colors (except for the space gray 256GB model which is out of stock.) For whatever it’s worth wife got one of these when it came out, and she loves it.

TCL’s 2018 6-series TVs are famous for offering every form of HDR (including top-shelf Dolby Vision) and excellent Roku software in an affordable package, and the 5-series has basically all of the same features, save for a metal body and local LED dimming zones. It still supports Dolby Vision, it still has an advanced Roku remote and app control, and it’ll still look amazing.

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TCL Made Its Terrifically Cheap 4K TV Even Better

It seemed unbelievable last year, when a handful of TV companies started selling 4K TVs with HDR…

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So if you’re in the market, both the 49″ and 55″ are on sale, the former for its all-time low price, and the latter within $5 of the best we’ve seen. Get the 49″ for $300, or the 55″ for $380.

Seagate’s FireCuda is one of the most popular PS4 replacement hard drives out there, mostly thanks to its built-in 8GB of flash storage that can speed up loading times, and you can get the 2TB model for just $65 today, the best price ever with the exception of Prime Day, when it was $60.

Even if you don’t feel like cracking open your PS4, you could pop this into an inexpensive enclosure like this one, and use it as an external drive over USB.

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Repurpose An Old Hard Drive or SSD As an External Drive For Just $8

If you have any old hard drives or SSDs gathering dust, this $8 enclosure can turn it into a handy…

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The Best External Drives For Your PS4 of 2017

For 2018’s best PS4 hard drives, head over to this post.

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The Logitech G703 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse, one of the best gaming mice you can buy, is heavily discounted today. $50 is the best price we’ve ever seen on this unit used by pro gamers like Carpe, Striker, Poko, Fury, and Space. It comes with all the features you’d want in a gaming mice, including 5 customizable buttons, a 12,000DPI sensor, and a rechargeable battery.

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Build Your Own Battlestation with the Overwatch League Pros’ Favorite Peripherals

In any competition, spectators and pros alike obsess over finding an edge. And in gaming, it’s…

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Logitech makes some of my favorite accessories. In fact, I’m using a Logitech gaming keyboard right now. If you’re in the market for a new mouse, pick this up before this price goes away.

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I Can’t Figure Out Who This Luxurious Wireless Mouse System Is for

You’ll have to forgive me, I’m working through a problem here. I’m faced with some seriously cool…

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Once upon a time, Apple’s Space Gray Mac peripherals were only sold alongside the $5,000+ iMac Pro, and purchasers of that computer could get a good chunk of their money back by reselling the accessories on eBay.

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People Are Selling the iMac Pro’s Space Gray Accessories for Obscene Amounts on eBay

Are you having a hard time justifying the cost of Apple’s new $5,000+ iMac Pro? If you’re willing…

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Apple Finally Starts Selling the iMac Pro’s Sweet Space Gray Keyboard and Mouse

Sporting a 27-inch 5K display, up to an 18-Core CPU, and 128GB of RAM, there’s no doubt the iMac…

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Nowadays, you can buy them separately direct from Apple, albeit with a small-ish Space Gray tax, and the Magic Trackpad is on sale on Amazon for an all-time low $105, down from the original $149. That still hurts, but come on, look at the thing. It’s gorgeous.

Today’s Best Home Deals

Do you have a window AC unit, but it doesn’t really seem to be doing the trick? Your cool air might be leaking out the other side of your window and that nasty, hot summer weather is creeping in. Thankfully, this can be an easy and cheap fix. Right now, you can get the Duck Brand Window Air Conditioner Insulation Strip Seal for only $3 on Amazon.

If you’ve ever worried about bugs getting into your dog’s food, you’re not alone. Honestly, a bigger worry is your dog getting into the own bag of food though, right? You won’t have to worry about your dog enjoying an early breakfast or dinner when you get the IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage. It is only $15 on Amazon and works great for dry dog food (and cat food too, obviously). It can fit up to 25 pounds of food at once.

Summer barbecue season might be drawing to a close, but a good meat thermometer can come in handy all year long, and you can score a rare $20 discount on the best one today with our exclusive link.

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Your Pick For Best Meat Thermometer: Thermapen

Thermoworks’ iconic Thermapen smoked (and also baked, sautéed, braised, and seared) the competition …

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Our readers love the Thermapen because it displays the temperature in 2 – 3 seconds, has a 3,000 hour battery, is waterproof, and is accurate to within 0.7°F.

Here are just a few readers gushing over it:

Thermapen Classic (or really any of the Thermapens). Bar none the best thermometer for cooking I have ever bought — accept no substitutes.

Somewhat expensive at ~$70-$120 range, but I’ve been using mine for years and years, and it still gives me an accurate reading in less than three seconds. Well, well worth the price. Especially excellent for the grill. – theburners

Without a doubt. No other thermometer comes close. I’ve said it before on Kinja that the Thermapen is the best piece of kitchen equipment I’ve ever bought. – the-return-of-samba00

This model is actually the newer Mk 4., which unlike the Thermapen classic includes a backlit screen, better waterproofing, better battery, and a motion sensor that automatically puts it to sleep and wakes it up.

Every well-organized person needs a good label maker, and this Brother P-Handy Touch is down to its lowest price of $10 todau. It has the capabilities to print nine fonts, 10 frames, and more than 210 symbols.

These deals usually don’t last long, so pick one up before they’re gone. Just be warned: label makers are addictive.

Listen, there’s really no good way to sleep on a plane. But if you absolutely must get some upright shut-eye, you should be using the Cabeau Evolution for head and neck support. This memory foam travel pillow handily won our Co-Op, with readers shouting out its ability to hold its shape (even though it significantly shrinks in size when packed in its carrying case) and unique front clasps. And right now, it’s on sale in grey for $30. Get yours today before this deal takes off; all your upcoming summer travel will be a dream.

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Your Pick For Best Travel Pillow Is the Cabeau Evolution

Our readers offered up plenty of strong opinions, and at least a dash of snark, in our hunt to find …

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Everyone associates allergies with spring and fall, but for those of us with year-round allergies, we know that every day outside can suck if you don’t have meds. You can get a two-pack of Flonase Allergy Relief Nasal Spray for only $24 on Amazon. That’ll give you 288 sprays to hopefully prevent you from dying when your seasonal allergies are assaulted by high pollen counts.

Anker’s Eufy RoboVac line has been a hit with our readers (and with us!), to say the least, and some of the company’s latest models are down to the best prices we’ve seen today on Woot.

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The Eufy RoboVac 11 Is Cheaper Than the Cheapest Roomba, and Every Bit as Good [Updated]

Update 2 (By Corey Foster): Anker’s latest RoboVac, the 11S, ascends to the throne with a lower…

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The RoboVac 30 is the same size as the RoboVac 11s (which is to say, it’s very thin), but has stronger suction (1500Pa vs. 1300, and for comparison, the old RoboVac 10 only had 400), and includes guide strips that you can lay down anywhere in your home (like in front of cords on the ground) to warn the vacuum to steer clear.

It launched last summer $270, but this one-day deal brings it down to just $180, $20 off the best price we’ve ever seen. It’s a Woot deal though, meaning it’s only available today, or until sold out.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Zappos sales don’t come around too often, but right now, this one-stop shoe shop is marking down over 85,000 items—I swear, that’s not a typo!—with their 20th Birthday Sale.

The best way to sort through a sale of this size is to filter by brand, and as you’ve probably guessed by now, select styles from a slew of your favorites—including Adidas, Nike, Cole Haan, Frye, Puma, Sam Edelman, and more—are among the great deals available. And don’t forget, while Zappos is shoe central, they do also have great deals on apparel, including Columbia outerwear, joggers, socks, and more.

Be sure to use promo code BDAY20 to score even more savings on select items. You’d better start sifting through this sale now, so you can snag everything you need to start fall off on the right foot.

Huckberry’s running a big sale on a truckload of gear during their Camp Shop sale for your next adventure. Everything from Black Diamond headlamps, sporks, and Hydroflask bottles are discounted, with prices starting at just $8.

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Nine Items To Create the Ultimate Car Camping Kit

Not everyone is cut out for backpacking and really, that is easy to understand. After all,…

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Whether you’re looking for an easy way to start a fire, or make a pour-over on the go, this sale’s got you covered. I, for one, am seriously considering the $6 UCO Switch Spork Utensil Set and the Nordic Pocket Saw.

It’s not a race, but you should definitely hurry over to Adidas to take advantage of an extra 20% off their already heavily discounted sale section. Use promo code EXTRA20 to snag this deal on everything you need for your summer workouts, from sneakers to athletic apparel. You’ll feel like you scored a gold medal.

Huckberry just kicked off its annual summer clearance sale, with deals on dozens of men’s shirts, shorts, shoes, and more.

The sale features brands like Flint and Tinder, Seavees, Rivieras, and Howler Brothers, just to give you a taste, but there are plenty more to explore in the full sale.

For my money, the best thing you can buy here is the Nomadix Adventure Towel. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s thin and light enough to take to the beach or the campsite, but still absorbent enough to thoroughly dry your body.

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Your Next Towel Should Be Made From Water Bottles

Whether you’re camping, going to the beach, drying off after yoga, or stepping out of the shower,…

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The coolest item though is one of the few non-clothing, non-bag products in the sale: a freakin’ levitating light bulb.

Hyde Lane Riley | $99 | Kate Spade | Promo code PERFECT
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

This high quality of Kate Spade’s classic purses make them worth their standard high prices, but if you hurry, today you can snag one iconic style for half off its usual cost. Use promo code PERFECT to get the Hyde Lane Riley Tote, available in three colors, for just $99. This promotion lasts for just two days, so hurry if you want to have a chance of bagging a half-price handbags.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There is no such thing as too much underwear. Aerie apparently agrees. Right now, you can choose 10 pairs from a spectrum of select styles, from boybriefs to thongs, for just $25, which, yes, essentially means you’re getting underwear for $2.50 per pair. Pretty good considering they usually go for somewhere between $9 and $12.50 each. No need to use a promo code; just fill your cart and see the savings.

Converse kicks are eternal classics, and right now, you can lace up a brand new pair for way less than usual. A few dozen high-tops and low-tops in various colors are up for grabs for just $25 with promo code COLOR. Grab a pair for you and everyone you know before this deal walks away.

A good deal on sneakers hangs in the balance: Right now at Nordstrom Rack, men’s and women’s New Balance kicks are significantly marked down. Whether you’re in the market for something sporty or a shoe for everyday wear, you’ll find it on sale now. This deal will only last for a few days, though, so take the next step and pick out your favorite style.

If you don’t care to have LED lighting built into your bidet, or just don’t want to wait to make the long overdue switch from wiping poop off your butt with dry paper (sorry to be crass but that’s what we all do, it’s insane!!), Bio Bidet’s already-released Slim Edge bidet is on sale for just $25 today, with Prime shipping.


Pandemic | $25 | Amazon
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

Pandemic is one of the best cooperative board games you can buy, and $20 is the one of the best prices Amazon’s ever listed. I suggest spending the money you saved on pizza to share with your squad.

Preorder Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order [PS4/Xbox One] | $51 | Amazon

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order promises to be a Metroid-y take on the Star Wars universe, and preorders are $9 off on Amazon today for both PS4 and Xbox One. Preorderers even get a few special in-game cosmetics:

Orange Lightsaber Blade Color, BEE-D-1 Skin, Mygeeto Campaign Hilt, and Umbraran Campaign Hilt

I’m tempted just for the orange blade cover, honestly.

Article preview thumbnail
Full Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Demo Shows Off More Of Its Metroid Influences

Anyone who saw the glimpse of Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order at E3 earlier this…

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You won’t be charged until it ships in November, so you can always cancel later if it’s not the game you’re looking for.

Amazon official video game preorder discount program is long dead, but they still offer good deals on the occasional upcoming game. For example, they’ve dropped price of FIFA 20 down to $51 before it’s even released, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, you’ll get some bonus in-game (3 rare gold packs, a loan icon player pick, and special edition FUT kits.) And just in case it gets even cheaper before release, Amazon will give you the best price guaranteed.

Will Mpow’s EG3 gaming headset match the sound quality of a HyperX Cloud? Of course not. Do you want fancy LED lights? Try something from Razer. But if you’re on a budget and want to experience 7.1 surround sound (which really helps in games like Fortnite and PUBG), you can’t beat $18. Just clip the 10% coupon and use promo code BSL8DFLX at checkout to get the deal.

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Your Top Five Picks For Best Gaming Headset (2016)

Hundreds of you formed parties in the comments to nominate your favorite gaming headsets, but the…

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Deals You May Have Missed

An Arcade1Up 3/4 sized arcade cabinet would be a perfect addition to any basement, and you can get the Centipede cabinet (which also includes Millipede, Missile Command, and Crystal Castles) for just $175 today.

The machine includes original Cabinet artwork, a faithfully recreated joystick and button arrangement, and a 17″ color display. The only thing they didn’t recreate from the original arcade machine? The coin slot.

As baseball season rounds second base and heads into the second half, you or your kids can get in on the fun with a bunch of deals on Rawlings baseball gear from Amazon.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to shop for your own clothes, The Menlo Club will send you a couple of surprise products from Five Four, Grand AC, or New Republic each month, in your size, for $60. And for a limited time, you can get $30 off your first order, plus a free pair of sunglasses.

When you sign up for a new subscription, you’ll provide Menlo Club with the styles that you like (Casual, Classic, Forward, or a mix), plus all of your shoe, pant, and shirt sizes, so you can be sure that everything will fit. If something doesn’t fit when it arrives, size exchanges are free, as is shipping.

You can cancel whenever you want, and for a limited time, you can get your first box for just $30, plus a bonus pair of shades. Just use promo code KinjaShades at checkout to get the offer. At $30 for all of that, why wouldn’t you at least give it a shot?

If you’re having trouble sleeping, suffering from anxiety, or having trouble sleeping because you’re suffering from anxiety, Sunday Scaries CBD products could help. Jolie Kerr shared her thoughts on them for The Inventory, and now, our readers can save an extra 15% on the already-discounted CBD Flight with promo code FLIGHT15.

Article preview thumbnail
Do Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies Live Up To the Hype? 

My first encounter with CBD was in its oil form. I was heading to Palm Springs with my dog nephew,…

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The Flight includes a bottle of the standard gummies, a bottle of vegan gummies, and a bottle of stronger CBD tincture for $94 when you combine the promo code with the monthly plan discount (which you can cancel at any time). Buying those three products separately would cost you $158.

If your home or apartment doesn’t have screen doors installed, this easy-to-install magnetic curtain will achieve the same effect, meaning you can let in some fresh air, while keeping out the bugs.

The two sides of the curtain snap together magnetically, which if you ask me, is how all doors should close. Just clip the 30% coupon on the page to get it for $15.

You can grow and harvest your own oyster mushrooms with this $13 box, which to me is deeply unsettling, but to you may seem delicious.

If you’re concerned about allergens such as pollen, mold, or dander, this discounted Coway Air Purifier offers a lot of benefits for not very much money. This HEPA unit is effective at removing contamination from small to medium sized rooms, and right now you can get it for $170, or about $30 less than average.

Every year, Stella Artois sells charity chalices to benefit This year’s models feature gold leaf trim and etchings designed to celebrate Mexico, Peru, and Tanzania. Plus, for chalice sold, Stella Artois will donate five years of clean drinking water to someone in need in the developing world. So why wouldn’t you buy all three for $17?

Listen, I know it’s daunting. But you should really get your cables under control. Nobody wants to look at a tangled rat king of HDMI cords, power cables, and the dust bunnies the inevitably attract. There are lots of ways to go about this, but a wall-mounted, paintable cable channel is one of the most professional looking solutions.

This complete set is only $14 today, or a couple bucks less than usual. That includes 10 channels, right angle pieces, and several mounting options, including wall anchors and apartment-friendly adhesive.

Article preview thumbnail
A Clean Desk Starts With Cable Management, and Cable Management Starts With This Gear

A messy desk is not a sign of a genius—it’s a sign of a messy person—don’t get it twisted. The fact …

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Today on Amazon, you can improve your desktop’s speakers for $28 with the Logitech Z313 Speaker System. This speaker system connects to your PC with a 3.5mm cable, features a subwoofer and includes a control pod to make it super easy to change your volume setting.

This current price is the lowest we’ve seen listed on Amazon since the holiday season; just keep it down at night if you have neighbors.

Anker makes non-rechargeable alkaline batteries now, which is deeply weird, but 24 AAAs for $6 is a terrific deal. Just be sure to clip the 50% coupon.

You have to carry your phone, and you have to carry a wallet (for now), but there’s no rule saying that they can’t be one thing.

The Zero Grid card holder sticks onto the back of basically any phone or case, and holds up to 8 cards, or or fewer cards plus some cash, all while protecting them from RFID skimmers. Plus, it’s one less thing to forget when you leave the house.

Today on Amazon, use promo code HABV5SZN to get any of the available colors for under $9, the best deal we’ve seen.

We saw some great deals on new Ring products on Prime Day, but today, you can find even steeper discounts on a couple of different refurbs. Both the Ring Doorbell Pro and the Ring Spotlight Cam (both of which require existing wiring) are on sale for the best prices ever.

When you hear the phrase “Bluetooth speaker,” you probably think of a small brick that can fill a room with decent-sounding audio. This is not that kind of speaker.

The Ion Tailgater though has enough oomph to provide tunes for an entire block party or barbecue, and its 50-hour battery means you don’t even have to worry about plugging it in. It even comes with a microphone for announcements or terrible karaoke. $89 is the best price we’ve seen on this new model.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense to combine a white noise machine, which helps you get to sleep, with a dual USB charger for those devices that keep you awake. Get it for $26 after clipping the $10 coupon.

If you’re looking for a classy way to incorporate a TV into your living room, The Frame QLED Smart TV is the way to go and right now a number of models are discounted at Walmart. These TVs show off works of art when you’re not watching TV, and is so much more affordable now than when it was first introduced.

These TVs can act as a home theater when you want, but will fade away into the background when not needed. Better still, these are much more than just an accent piece, they’re actually terrific TVs.

Article preview thumbnail
The Frame by Samsung Is Not a Work of Art, But It Sure Is a Fine TV

The Frame by Samsung is about as pretentious as a television could be. It’s a $2,000 4K TV that…

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They’re 4K UHD (2160P) with the vibrant colors you’d expect from a QULED Samsung set. Choose from a 65″ set for $1,798, 55″ for $1,398, 49″ model for $1,198, and a 43″ model for less than $1,000.

Article preview thumbnail
Buy Committee: Should My Boss Buy a Projector?

Buy Committee, noted hard boiled egg enthusiast, scaffold art provocateur, and our own SVP of…

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The GiR Get It Right spatula previously won our Best Spatula Co-Op, and now you can grab the mini flipper model for $11, in black. For some colors like teal and red, that’s about a dollar less than usual, and about a dollar short of an all-time low, so we aren’t talking about a huge price range here, but it’s worth every penny.

Article preview thumbnail
Here Are the Best Spatulas, According to You

We didn’t need to scrape the bottom of the bowl for this week’s top Co-Op contenders; our readers…

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Article preview thumbnail
Just Trust Us and Buy This $10 Spatula

The best spatula is made of 100% silicone, can withstand heat up to 550 degrees, and is totally…

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If you’ve ever had a plastic flipper that melted on the edges, this is the antidote. The seamless silicone exterior is heat resistant up to 550 degrees, and the fiberglass core resists heat better than the metal cores in most competitors.

There are few things more annoying than dropping a small nail or screw into a hard-to-reach crevice, but with this telescoping magnetic pick-up tool, it won’t be quite the disaster it otherwise could be.

If your dog eats so fast that he gets bloaty or vomit-y, this specially designed slow feeder will force him to eat more deliberately. He might be a little annoyed that his food is harder to access, but you’ll both be happier in the end.

Article preview thumbnail
Five Slow Cat Feeders to Try If Your Furry Friend Keeps Throwing Up

Is your cat a monster when it comes to food? They scream at your door at 4 A.M. to be fed and then…

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We’ve long been fans of Ghost Paper’s notebooks, which feature subtly embossed lines that you can actually feel as you write, and now you can save 20% on the company’s notebooks (including a new model!) with promo code KINJA717.

From our Inventory write-up:

Ghost Paper uses texture, rather than ink, to create the alternating embossed and debossed lines on its pages. The effect is subtle, even invisible at certain angles, and straddles the line of offering tactile feedback without interrupting pen and pencil marks.

Article preview thumbnail
Do Your Writing On Line With Ghost Paper

Ghost Paper uses texture, rather than ink, to create the alternating embossed and debossed lines on …

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Since then, our readers have bought thousands of the company’s 96-page faux leather-bound notebook, which is back on sale for $20 with code KINJA717 today. That code will also save you 20% on the brand new, 200-page spiral-bound version, which is actually cheaper despite having more than twice as many pages. The cover and binding aren’t as premium, but Ghost Paper sent me a few spiral bounds to check out, and the embossed lined paper is just as good, which is what really matters.

It’s that time of year. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale—the biggest of just three big sales put on annually by the department store—has arrived, and so have all the deals you’ve been waiting for on a range of designer goods for men, women, and kids.

Load up on all the newest clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods, and beauty products for fall from your favorite brands, including Nike, Cole Haan, Madewell, The North Face, Patagonia, Topshop, and much more. There’s certainly a lot to sort through, which you should plan on doing ASAP; the best stuff always sells out first, after all.

Article preview thumbnail
18 Inventory-Recommended Things to Buy From Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Suffice to say, there’s a lot to sift through at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, happening now. But…

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For our top picks, check out this post.

No-brainer deal alert: Twitch Prime Members get $15 Amazon credit with the purchase of Gears of War 4, Starlink Battle for Atlas, Fallout 76, The Sims 4, and The Last of Us. Even if you don’t own a console or PC, this is a big deal and an opportunity for free money.

Article preview thumbnail
11 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Not Know About

There are plenty of Amazon Prime benefits almost everyone knows about like streaming movies, faster …

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Let me explain. If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can sign up for Twitch Prime for free. And if you spend $10 on Gears of War 4, you’ll get $15 credit which if my math is right, gives you $5 more than you paid. And since Amazon credit is basically real money… well, y’know.

$12 is cheaper than a lot of standard sized mouse pads, but today, that gets you a massive 3′ wide model that can accommodate your keyboard as well. Just be sure to use promo code 55T42OCA at checkout to save a few bucks.

Today, the physical copy of Civilization VI is down to $30 for the Nintendo Switch. The game has changed quite a bit since its original release, and this is the best price we’ve ever seen. Just be sure to place your order before Gandhi nukes the deal.

Article preview thumbnail
Civilization VI Just Made Some Pretty Big Changes

Alongside the release of Nubia, Civilization VI has a “Summer Update” out today that makes a number …

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Article preview thumbnail
Civilization VI Is Already So Much Better

It’s been five months since Civ VI was released, and if you thought—like with Civ V—that you’d be…

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You need dishwasher detergent anyway, so you might as well buy it on sale. While supplies last, Amazon’s offering a coupon on this 78-pack container of Cascade Complete ActionPacs, which was already marked down to about $12. If you stack with Subscribe & Save, you’ll be spending less than $.13 per dishwasher load.

You’re probably sick of wearing sneakers by now, so why not try out our other favorite summer shoe: the espadrille. There’s never been a better time to slide on a pair, since made-in-Spain brand Rivieras is 15% off at Huckberry. A classic navy or black slip-on will cost you just $63, but our own Style Girlfriend, Megan Collins, particularly loves this red, white, and blue mesh Tour De Monde style:

A blend of cotton and mesh, this pair from Rivieras is both breathable (for those really warm days) and comfortable to boot. The navy with red trim lends a stylish, preppy look if you feel like channeling Vampire Weekend.

Article preview thumbnail
The Best Summer Espadrilles at Every Price Point

More than any other season, summer is a time for doing: cookouts, rooftop bars, weddings, and…

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If you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s worth having the Amazon Prime Store Card or the Amazon Prime Visa to get 5% back on every purchase. But now, the retailer’s offering larger cash back bonuses of up to 20% on select products, including high-end tech like Bose headphones and Samsung sound bars.

You can find all of the eligible items here, but we’ve broken out a few of our favorites below, all of which will get you at least 15% back when purchased with an Amazon Prime credit card.

Prime Day might be over, but the AmazonBasics deals are still coming strong. For a limited time, Amazon’s put together a whole collection of discounted tech essentials, and having checked the price history on a bunch of them, they do seem to be legitimately good discounts.

Article preview thumbnail
The Stuff We Bought For Ourselves On Prime Day

The Kinja Deals team has been dutifully reporting on the best Prime Day deals for over 36 hours at…

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Of course you’ve got your standard collection of charging cables and peripherals in here, but there’s also this vintage-looking Bluetooth speaker (which our boss bought yesterday for the same price), a mini photo studio for you eBay power sellers (within $5 of the best price ever), a light-up mouse pad (within a dollar of an all-time low), and lots of other cool stuff.

It is swelteringly hot outside right now. Do yourself a big favor and stock up on summer linens while Jachs is having a huge sale. You can get linens for between $17 to $27 when you use the promo code SMRLINEN. You can choose from linen t-shirts, short sleeve linen shirts, and if you’re a rebel, long sleeve shirts as well. Linen is extremely breathable and lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about sweating through any of these Jachs shirts.

It is hot as hell outside and you know what that means? You’re going to sweat. Even if you’re not doing anything but walking, you’ll sweat, and if you’re not wearing deodorant, you’re going to stink. Get yourself a 3-pack of Old Spice Aluminum-Free Deodorant For Men for only $10 on Amazon when you clip the $4.50 coupon. That’s practically three sticks of deodorant for the price of one.

Our readers’ favorite VPN recently raised prices for the first time ever, and the company’s best-value (and Kinja Deals-exclusive) three-year plan is available for $99.

Three year plans aren’t available to the general public at all, but if you click this link, you can get three years for $99, which works out to just $2.75 per month. While shorter plan lengths are available, none come close to the per-month pricing of this three-year membership. For example, the publicly available two-year plan costs about $84, and a month-to-month plan will set you back $10 per month.

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Our Readers’ Favorite VPN Is Raising Prices, But You Have a Week To Lock In the Old Rates

Update: Today is the last day to take advantage of these lower prices.

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If you subscribe to the three-year plan today, you’ll be able to continue to renew it at the same price for the life of your subscription, so this is a great chance to lock in a terrific deal.

Firstleaf is an online wine club that learns your preferences, offers tons of great wines from around the world, and most importantly, saves you money compared to buying from the store.

Every new Firstleaf member gets an introductory delivery with six bottles of wine for just $40 with free shipping, and every box thereafter includes six bottles for $80, plus $10 shipping. But if you use this link when you sign up, you’ll get FREE shipping on every box for your entire first year. That’ll save you over $100 if you get a new box every month. At the very least, you should send Mom the trial box for less than $7 per bottle. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

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