I Have No Intention Of Joining ‘Coronavirus Infected’ APC – Fayose

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Contrary to insinuations making the rounds, former Governor of Ekiti
State, Mr Ayodele Fayose has said he has no intention of leaving the
People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressive Congress (APC).

who described APC as a coronavirus infected party said that someone of
his status and pedigree can never contemplate joining.

The former
Governor who was reacting to a statement by the APC in Ekiti State,
that he was not qualified to join the party, said “it is funny that the
APC in Ekiti State lied and went further to react to its own lies.”

through his Media Aide, Lere Olayinka, Fayose said, “I’m presently in a
meeting of major stakeholders of the PDP in Ekiti State in the house of
Senator Clement Awoyelu.”

Olayinka, who admonished the APC in
the State to focus its attention on its non-performing government,
described the report of Fayose’s threat to join APC should his adopted
candidate for the State chairmanship of the PDP, Hon Bisi Kolawole,
fails in the forthcoming State Congress as figment of the imagination of
those peddling it.

“The story of Fayose’s threat to leave PDP
for the APC is one of the lies from the APC factory of lies and it is
even more childish that the party in Ekiti State went ahead to react to
its own lies,” he said.

While saying there was nothing to attract
any right-thinking politician to the APC, Olayinka asked; “is it the
killings and kidnappings going on across the country? Is it the pariah
State that Nigeria has become such that USA had to place the country on
visa restrictions? Is it the huge debt the country has been plunged
into? Or is it the directionless state of the country?

“Is it the sacking of over 3,000 workers by the non-performing APC government in Ekiti State?

importantly, is it the confused state of the APC, which has made even
the State Chairman of the party in Ekiti State, Mr. Paul Omotoso, to
join others in calling for the removal of the National Chairman, Adams

“What is there in the APC to attract someone like
Fayose, who is known for his stand in support of the masses of Nigeria
that are being made to suffer more hardship by the APC government?

can continue to hallucinate about everything Ayodele Fayose, while he
continues with his task to rebuild the PDP in Ekiti State with a view to
returning to power


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