Tunisia Seeks to Set Up Mechanisms for Effective Co-Operation With Jordan

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Tunis/Tunisia — Tunisia seeks to set up mechanisms for effective cooperation with Jordan, Tunisian Confederation of Citizen Enterprises (CONECT) President Tarek Cherif said at the Jordanian-Tunisian Business Forum held Saturday in Amman.

Cherif pointed out that the meeting is an opportunity to define practical and feasible recommendations in this regard, especially since both countries benefit from important support programmes, in this case a legal framework capable of boosting trade, through, in particular, the establishment of a free trade zone and a large Arab free trade zone, as well as the implementation of the Agadir Agreement provisions.

He called for the need to develop economic and trade cooperation and establish partnership relations between the Tunisian and Jordanian private sectors, while placing greater emphasis on promising sectors.

Tarek Cherif recommended, in this regard, giving priority to high value-added products, such as ceramics, sanitary equipment and the electrical and mechanical sectors, on the Tunisian side, and medicines and chemicals on the Jordanian.

He called on the two countries’ private sectors to set up joint cooperation and investment projects to develop trade in industrial inputs, capitalising on Jordan’s experience with the United States and Tunisia’s with the European market.

He invited the two countries’ businessmen to increase visits and meetings to explore opportunities for exchange, complementarity and industrial cooperation.

The CONECT also proposed to make better use of the Agadir Agreement, given the great partnership opportunities it offers, particularly in relation to the cumulation of rules of origin.

Trade between Tunisia and Jordan recorded a 16% increase in 2018 to 101 million dinars.

The Jordanian-Tunisian Business Council was launched in 2016 between CONECT and Jordanian businessmen. It meets annually, alternating between Amman and Tunis, with a view to broadening the horizons of economic cooperation between the two countries’ investors and encouraging expertise sharing.

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