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I am a winter visitor here to Yuma, and I’m wondering how many others are here looking for something to do. My husband and I have found Yuma River Tours has a lot to offer.

This company has been in business 20 years (currently celebrating their 20th season). The Knowlton family, operators of Yuma River Tours, currently has three generations of captains within their immediate family and they have sixty years of cumulative experience on and knowledge of the Colorado River.

Yuma River Tours offers a variety of packages, including:

Ø Sternwheeler Dining and Cruises

Ø Canoe and Kayak Adventures

Ø Student Field Trips

Ø Custom Tours and Charters

Ø Jet Boat Tours

The trip that caught our eyes was the Jet Boat tour. Now when people think Jet Boat, they think rough water and a rough ride, at least that’s what I thought. However, that’s not what this tour is about. The ride is smooth and a breeze will blow through your hair. My husband and I have taken this tour twice because we enjoyed it immensely.

You will find that along with the Jet Boat ride you will get a wonderful narration of the local history. It is just amazing how much information Captain Ron and Bob, the first mate give during the trip on the Colorado River.

So be ready to be taken back in time because Captain Ron has a wonderful journey planned for you.

You will board the boat at Fishers Landing, and then begin your journey along the Colorado River. There are a few stops along the way where you will get off the boat and stretch your legs, hear about the area history or just take in the view. The whole trip will take about five hours, lunch included.

Yuma River Tours offers a trip for the local fourth graders. This all started when Carolyn Chase a fourth grade teacher was a passenger during one of the Jet Boat Tours. She enjoyed the journey and knew her fourth graders would as well. Therefore, from the time the kids start kindergarten, they begin hearing and seeing pictures about the fourth grade trips with Captain Ron.

I mention the fourth grade trip because I agree with Captain Ron and Carolyn Chase. I have been a passenger on this Jet Boat Tour and after hearing the history that Captain Ron gives, I could picture all those little faces focused on Captain Ron, taking in his knowledge.

Captain Ron does tell his winter visitors about the fourth grade trips because he wants them to know that a portion of their fees are used to offset some of the costs for these trips.

The boat boards by reservation so gather up your friends and family and reserve your adventure today.

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